Bubamara gets stung by Bumbar….

Situational moments such as these can really cause one to knock back a double shot of Maciato.

Sitting here in a cafe not at all feeling the need to compose myself as I have just finished eight hours of supporting Australia’s economy. *fair dinkum* “she’ll be right mate”

Surrounded by many beings who are trying to spice up their conversations with “oh really” or “oh that is fantastic darling” is the over exaggeration really necessary today?

How dare I criticise seeing as I am one big product of exaggeration sitting here trying to bask in ambience I mean who the hell brings their Macbook to a cafe?

Looks like I’m the one with the problem hmm…

Anyway’s seeing-as “sharing is caring” my thoughts are drowning in agony at a situation that is so apart of me whether I like it or not.

It is my own fault seeing-as I did ask for a unique experience before the year 2012 began and well it has been presented to me in full force and I feel like there are many obstacles to be faced placing complete exhaustion amongst the fibres of my karma wheel making it impossible for universal winds to spin me an easy solution.

How can one pursuit of one specimen cause so much pain yet shed so much light upon my life?

As I take to the left side of my brain for a more responsible or theoretical response hmm.. nothing but a smokers cough in my mind at the thought of me eventually having the last laugh but from that one laugh this person will lead and live the most happiest life possible.


Am I supposed to let this happen? and what of me in the end? Do I have my last laugh and continue to be the lonely soul I enjoy being so much?

This specimens beliefs borderline the trails of the Taoist and Buddhism movements as he is also very well endowed in the arts of Tantric ways of loving. Having this type of knowledge causes what to a person?

My love for this specimen has reached a level of maturity realising what seeds have been sewn and also realising that in the initial test of honesty that both foundations were built on sand except one had the balls to reveal their soul while the other one lingered in shame.

And well now as I drink the last mouthful of pure darkness I would like to offer the opportunity for this beautiful specimen to be happy by going against the odds knowingly accepting all that is coming for me.

I am in the deepest trouble I have ever been in how does that sit right now?

I know I can choose to completely detach myself from this situation all together, but in ten years time I wouldn’t want to look back and say “what if” or I would hate this situation to present itself to me later on in life, I also realise that there are many possible outcomes and what is really unique about this is that I asked for this.

So I think its time I grew a set of large balls and deal with the consequences of asking for something I wasn’t supposed to have.

Lets see how I get on…

Your Post Modern Wanderer

Blaire Blaqua

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