Bottled up!


Bottled up…
and highly reserved arrrgh!

Feel like ripping my hair out!
For the heavenly sour tang of lemons in my mouth!

Still no tears
at the joyous fear that has been produced
This energy sourced from a destructive whiff of jealousy!

Eeeewww Yuck!

How dare I even venture into the insidious and overly zealous stigma of igniting all my chakra points based on the visual aesthetic of another.

That has caused me to question my worth!
Oh you are good dear phantom elite

Keep telling me I cannot have you
with all your signs
you so carefully place upon my everyday

What does this do to me?
I dont wish to fondle with your incredible powers!
But I cannot hide from what is true

Dear Phantom elite
have what is yours
I dont want it!

May god forgive me for such a sin.

Blaire Blaqua.

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