B-Word of the day

Blaire’s first B-Word of the year is “But”

“But wait theres more”….

But stood in the way of her accepting the fact that he was not right for her and that she was in pursuit of a complete and utter disaster she uttered in despair to the only person who knew her the only person who could ever understand her, the only person known to this world as the ultimate spirit being.

Looking down upon her with sadness as glorious tears from the skies rained on top of Blaire’s tin can roof as proof of his pain for his earthly daughter in vain again showing signs of weakness her heart blood stained with meekness for a love that was blind and in the end she will spend time a long time accepting her first “But”.

“But is not a doing word But is the hesitation that quite clearly is but an issue of its own”

But is not a doing word But is the hesitation....

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