Blaire @ Stefan Braun

Batman and her sidekick Robinja decided to let “ze” hair down to kindly grace Belgrade with our presence lol…

After a few drinks and some Mango tobacco at a small Sheesha lounge in Belgrade, filled with many different flavours of smoke and not to mention the ultra blue lights that either make your teeth seem “so” white or emphasise the lint on your clothes making you look like some of the locals from the bush hmmm…”No this was not your average spin class” haaa…

Inhaling and upon exhaling I had to laugh at my sidekick and his inability to comprehend directions to our next destination which was none other than the most talked about club in Belgrade… “Stefan Braun”

“Oh yes Stefan Braun” the owner of the Sheesha Lounge told us go down the road take a right follow that until you see the theatre for “porn” (omg) then its the street next to that “you cant miss it” it’s in a large building level 9.

Leaving his kind hospitality Batman and Robinja ventured in to cold dark alleys of the night and what I still don’t understand is how a street that was five minutes away took us half an hour to get to! (omg)
At times like that I was pining for GPS like “hard out” but hey what use is my GPS if the taxi drivers one doesn’t even work lol…

So after all the stuffing around and annoying the people that were out with our seriously lacking directional skills (giggles) we found it and no we didn’t stop for a quick flick of Porn although it seemed very appealing to my sidekick (lol)

I must admit this place was very well hidden between the Banca Intesa and brightly lit up Cevapcici take away.

Walking up the stairs you could hear the music as a lot of young men were coming in and out, we finally reached the entrance and upon entering it was like I was in airport security, “in fact it was”! they didn’t ask for I.D just searched my bags for narcotics and weapons. But still it did feel like we were in some type of government establishment.

After security there were three elevators not the fancy type in fact the last time I saw elevator’s this ancient looking was in London. I was the only woman in our elevator squashed amongst all these young men as well as my side kick Robinja who seemed to be drooling at the lip like he knew what to expect.

We had reached level 9 and I never knew a elevator door to not open automatically, instead you had to turn this door handle like a normal door then outside of that one the elevator doors did not exist how very “harry Potter” But the mysterious factor dissapared very quickly as we were greeted by a line of very beautiful women who were there to give you directions on how to act and where you should put your jacket and what designer labels you are wearing tonight?

I was a bit apprehensive about the Balenciaga going behind the counter But thats the Batman attitude for you.

Walking into the lime lights in search of a stiff drink there was a bar riddled in smiling faces and creative cocktail specialists”booya” i’m down.

Oh no hold wait you are not allowed to sit anywhere because all seats are reserved for VIP (haha) yes I did learn this the hard way (omg) i’m still laughing about this.

So standing at the bar we were looked after by a nice girl who made our first round of cocktails very nice and very expensive, next to me was a stool and like anyone at a bar you think oh yes I can have a seat…haha “think again” I was told that I cant sit on that stool because it was reserved for the owner.

(omg) “dont want to steal Mr Brauns chair” so I stood there like a good girl placing my blackberry on the counter along with it my Batman ID head popping with out a care with my sidekick Robinja we decided to enjoy the cranking atmosphere great music and energy all over the place but wait hold on dont think you can put your drink anywhere like on a table or anything (haha) security will come and confiscate your drink (haha) (omg) the weirdest club on this planet (I swear)

I can honestly say I had never quite been to a club where you had to have a reason to sit or a reason to try accommodate your drink while hanging out with your friends.

Anyhow I was that intoxicated to care thanks to our bartender who tried inviting my sidekick back to her place upon her discovery that he was Canadian “how very QUA of you darling” maybe next time when you get that upper lip fixed!(jokes) according to Robinja this was the usual hospitality and he probably would have entertained the idea if Batman wasn’t in town (lol)

My intoxication did not stop me from noticing the very well improvised ambience like the Hugh Hefner draped fabrics trying to hide the very well spray painted white boom speakers attached to the corners of the rooms, heaps of neon and a truck load of beautiful women so men “you’re in” (lol)

Overall it was a great night out the best part was the taxi ride home but hey I wont go there I might send that video to the porn theatre across the road from level 9 and ask them to donate the earnings to Mr Stefan Braun and his interior (lol)

“Hey Mr Stefan Braun If you’re ever in my town I’ll give you a seat for FREE”


Blaire Blaqua

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