Blaire finds a bit of “Banksy” in Belgrade.

My thoughts on the street art in Serbia was really quite all over the place if you ask me…
Not quite like the streets of New York or Melbourne for that matter where most prints have an underlying meaning of some sort.

Here in Serbia I found the Street Art quite comical and refreshing meaning it felt like artists imitating their inspirations were quite obviously taking the piss out of the avant guard or the post modern know it all’s of this era while keeping political ambience well publicised.

My Serbian Sidekick a.k.a “Sideshow” showed me his favourite art documentary on Bansky if you are interested in watching this film here is the link >

The Documentary paints a picture of the power of the unknown artist as well as keeping the perspective of the exaggerating artist in check much to my liking I must add.

Also upon walking down the main strip of the Kinez Mihailo I stumbled across an abandoned installation that had been set up for people to share knowledge by leaving a book inside, there were no books inside..
I took a photo of the group the Install belonged to as I thought it served a very good idea.

So like any artist they like to leave their mark somewhere but rather than tarnish the walls or cover a car in pig manure I decided to use “Sideshows” body as my canvas as he told me that when he visits my country he would like a traditional Maori tattoo…
Umm ok Sideshow I don’t think I have ever heard of a Serbian with a traditional Maori Tattoo but hey whatever tickles you’re fanny.
I will upload the real picture of his tattoo once he endeavours a journey to my part of the globe 🙂

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