Blaire conquers ze “ADA” in Belgrade!

Thanking my Tour guide in advance Sasha for taking the time out to show me around his hood in Zemun Belgrade.

It’s a very nice town and I really enjoyed the endless amounts of individual character it presented as we walked around its cobbled stoned pathways.

My tour guide was very restless and in the end I learned why but hey that’s what you get for buying new shoes that don’t allow your feet to breathe therefore you are faced to compromise a great day out with a friend or hide in your shell of pain, and as we both learned silence was the best policy of the day.

So Sasha decided to take me to the famous “ADA” just to have a look and I must say it probably was the nicest man-made Lake I have ever walked around, speaking about walking who knew it would take me and my guide two hours or more to wonder around the damn thing (Ummm) to let you all know before you go, don’t go in boots and a skirt and furthermore do not wear shoes that will give you blisters! (lol) uff.. The pain I experienced was the look on my guides face at how much pain he was in (Omg) he wouldn’t even take his shoe off he literally engulfed his pain and gave me looks like hurry up Blaire and walk your fat ass! So funny but so true!

The sun went down and Ten kilometers later we had reached the destination of my guides car, there he let out a sigh of relief…Ufff… He then drove me back to my apartment in Belgrade and I thanked him and said goodbye knowing that whenever I would think of the “ADA” I would have memories of the pain on his face and the boiling blisters upon his feet… *eww*

Sasha's pain

Overall the “ADA” is worth the visit but please go with someone who wants to enjoy its ambience with you otherwise you might find yourself walking the whole way round with a frown on your face and contemplating the decision to support all the Popcorn stands along the way.


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