Blaire gets Busted in Belgrade!

So I thought I was cool buying a bus ticket for a bus in Belgrade because the thought of not ripping off the public transport system is totally my style.

Next thing you know Batman and her side kick Robin were getting fined by the two under cover paparazzi dressed in their civilian wears.

The two bus pass officers fined us $3000 RSD for simply not putting our tickets in the docket machine, It really didn’t make sense we were still on the bus and hadn’t arrived to our destination yet we were not allowed to put the tickets in the machines to avoid being fined.

So if your’e in Belgrade be sure to pack yourself a magnifying glass so that you might see the tiny as hole for the ticket machine that looks like your supposed to insert monopoly money but as I have shown you there are no free passes.

YOu’ve been warned!

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