“Rakija connecting people”

Ufff… My first taste of Rakija was ever so memorable with my Cuzi Drazen a.k.a (prawny) we found a small rakija bar down a side street somewhere in the bowels of Belgrade, on a personal level I like to drink cognac and well when I was faced with the many types of Rakija I truly became a fan.

I think a had a couple of shots of Rakija a day while I was travelling around Serbia and well now being back in Australia life has not been the same without it. Yes it is safe to say Blaire became a professional Rakija drinker (muahahaha) hey it’s not my fault I have genuine appreciation for the finer tastes in life.

After trying many types of Rakija while I was in Serbia I did fall in love with one in particular by the name of Viljamovka it is made from pears and was bestowed upon me in a place call Kosovska Mitrovica, ufff the memories are all coming back now!

Blaire's Favourite Rakija

Seeing as Rakija is traditional in Serbia i could not help but introduce a bit of Australia to the locals with Australia’s very own Vegemite which can be found on most breakfast tables here in the land of kangaroos.

Ah yes Sharing is caring! Ziveli!

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