Blaqua in Belgrade

Ok so here I’ve just landed in Belgrade at the Nikola Tesla airport and if you can imagine coming from 30 degree weather to minus 3 (ufff) thank god for me the taxi driver was really nice and didn’t rip me off as it only cost me 950 dinars from the airport to my apartment which was right off the Kinez Mihailo. Wrapped in FCUK and DKNY I managed to find my Apartment so all was good.

Apart from the beautiful scenery outside the window eighty percent of the people on this plane were men dressed in black trench coats, like the guy from the movie “Willy Wonker and the chocolate factory” Slugworth? It was almost like business men from this part of the world had a specific type of uniform that said hey i’m so serious don’t bother looking at me if you can recognise my designer briefcase that should compliment my designer spectacles…(ufff) Trust me after thirty hours of flying all I wanted to do was laugh at all the serious faces that surrounded me.

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