Blaire conquers ze “ADA” in Belgrade!

Thanking my Tour guide in advance Sasha for taking the time out to show me around his hood in Zemun Belgrade.

It’s a very nice town and I really enjoyed the endless amounts of individual character it presented as we walked around its cobbled stoned pathways.

My tour guide was very restless and in the end I learned why but hey that’s what you get for buying new shoes that don’t allow your feet to breathe therefore you are faced to compromise a great day out with a friend or hide in your shell of pain, and as we both learned silence was the best policy of the day.

So Sasha decided to take me to the famous “ADA” just to have a look and I must say it probably was the nicest man-made Lake I have ever walked around, speaking about walking who knew it would take me and my guide two hours or more to wonder around the damn thing (Ummm) to let you all know before you go, don’t go in boots and a skirt and furthermore do not wear shoes that will give you blisters! (lol) uff.. The pain I experienced was the look on my guides face at how much pain he was in (Omg) he wouldn’t even take his shoe off he literally engulfed his pain and gave me looks like hurry up Blaire and walk your fat ass! So funny but so true!

The sun went down and Ten kilometers later we had reached the destination of my guides car, there he let out a sigh of relief…Ufff… He then drove me back to my apartment in Belgrade and I thanked him and said goodbye knowing that whenever I would think of the “ADA” I would have memories of the pain on his face and the boiling blisters upon his feet… *eww*

Sasha's pain

Overall the “ADA” is worth the visit but please go with someone who wants to enjoy its ambience with you otherwise you might find yourself walking the whole way round with a frown on your face and contemplating the decision to support all the Popcorn stands along the way.


Blaire gets Busted in Belgrade!

So I thought I was cool buying a bus ticket for a bus in Belgrade because the thought of not ripping off the public transport system is totally my style.

Next thing you know Batman and her side kick Robin were getting fined by the two under cover paparazzi dressed in their civilian wears.

The two bus pass officers fined us $3000 RSD for simply not putting our tickets in the docket machine, It really didn’t make sense we were still on the bus and hadn’t arrived to our destination yet we were not allowed to put the tickets in the machines to avoid being fined.

So if your’e in Belgrade be sure to pack yourself a magnifying glass so that you might see the tiny as hole for the ticket machine that looks like your supposed to insert monopoly money but as I have shown you there are no free passes.

YOu’ve been warned!

Blaires Asian experience Belgrade…

So here in the Choomich Design District was where I found myself wondering in search of all the local young designer talents that I hear about so often, unfortunately for me most of the shops here were closed but I did manage to find a decent Sushi Bar that served decent Sushi.

So if your’e wondering if your taste for asian can be found in Belgrade I can assure you it does exist but you must be like a hunter as there are some places that can fool you.

choomich design district

Fresh Sushi made right in front of you with great customer service definitely gets the thumbs up Bravo Choomich you didn’t deliver me my designer wears but at least you gave me decent Sushi!

Sushi in Belgrade

Here In Australia Japanese and Chinese cuisine is a regular on the menu and well after eating so much meat I started to miss home food so I asked a friend to take me to Belgrades finest Chinese food establishment.

Well lets just say it was and experience.

Peking Duck Belgrade

Our order

• Seafood Soup
• Sichuan Duck
• Sweet and Sour fish
• Steamed dumplings
• Rice
• Mineral water

Bill – $3070.00 RSD

Constructive feedback from Local Serbian

The soup was quite pleasant with a mild spicy taste to it, not too chewy or decomposed.

The octopus in the soup was nice but I wouldn’t jump for joy over it.

Szechuan Duck was my main meal that I had ordered, and I would like to express my true affection for the meal that was placed before me.

As a local Serbian I know what a duck looks like, and in our culture we do prepare duck so I was under the impression I was being served something that shouldn’t be allowed to be consumed by any human.

My reasons being that I couldn’t tell if the meat I was eating was duck or deep fried cardboard, seeing as it did taste like re used Pom Frit oil and appeared really dark in color which for me was quite frightening.

Due to the fact that there was re used oils and fats present in my food I was unable to absorb any of the flavors that were supposed to make me feel like I want to visit China to experience their culinary delights.

Unfortunately for me this dream has now been crushed by the fact that my body has now consumed cardboard duck and I am really at a lost for words.

I enjoyed the rice and mineral water but again anyone can make rice in a rice cooker and the extra crunchy pieces of rice that stuck to my teeth while eating it was just a priceless moment not even the toothpicks that were offered could help get it off my teeth,

Now lets talk about the price and what one can expect to accrue while dining at this establishment. So seeing as the bill came to $3070.00 RSD I’m guessing that was also to pay for the sexually deprived ambience so naturally displayed by a lady serving our table as she so rudely snatched our bill and was very impatient as she felt the need to clear our table while we were still eating.

As a result of this experience I was rushed home and given Neurofen Advance to bring me back to life.

Feedback from Tourist

My entrée I ordered was the steamed dumplings and to my surprise I was confused as to weather I was under some sort of hallucination when the waiter brought to our table four large sausage looking pastries that seemed to be gigantic spring rolls, so seeing as I did not want to cause a scene I accepted them and pretended I was devouring large dumplings.

On a personal level Sweet and Sour fish is one of my favorite Chinese meals that I like to enjoy wherever I am in the world and I can honestly say that I have never seen this dish presented in such a way that left me questioning my knowledge of what I knew and what I know now.

Meaning Sweet and Sour Fish is made with pineapple juice and vinegar, the fish that was served to me was little pieces of pan seared flake drowned in a dark gravy of some sort with frozen peas and corn used as a garnish on top.

I’m guessing the garnish was to either hide the fact that the chef had no clue what he was cooking? Or maybe the garnish was to put a smile on my face and silently say I’m sorry for this mess please forgives me.

None the less I am not one to waste food so I ate this meal taking all that was around me into consideration for example the colorful walls displayed with art Nouveau and dynasty prints, the pretty lampshades that lit up the room, the Christmas tree colored tablecloths that complimented the thick wooden chopsticks that were presented to our table that looked like they had been sharpened at the ends to avoid contamination. Is it really that hard to buy disposable wooden chopsticks? And the trophy on display that glistened in the distance behind the fake waterfall was that really for the best duck or Chinese restaurant in Belgrade?

In terms of the service I received I was happy with the young waiter who served our table he obviously enjoys his work it was quite apparent that the waitress who served with him did not enjoy her job, as she was very impatient in tone and in the way she treated us. I must admit it was nice to see the head chef step out into the restaurant and make his presence known by standing there with such a serious look as if to say hey it is I who has cooked your food look at me and never forget me, bravo to chef! I will never forget your meal I promise you.

As a tourist here in Belgrade for the first time I am like any other tourist I hope to get what I paid for and well I hope my comments on this restaurant will be seen more as being constructive rather than a means to make ones business a living hell. I wish Peking Duck Belgrade all the best.

Peking Duck Chinese Restaurant Belgrade

I mean on a personal level I never thought I would have the urge to eat asian in Serbia but hey what I can say is that after such an experience Belgrade did deliver an amazing Japanese experience.

I managed to find by chance a really nice Japanese restaurant called Moon sushi and fusion food

Here people is where you should go if you want to eat decent Japanese in Belgrade and the customer service was outstanding and Bravo to the chef and his Wasabi cream sauce uff magnificent!

Rice and seafood

Burek, Beats, Beer and Blaire!

A friend of mine took me to try Burek in Belgrade and well it was really nice, I especially like the fact that when we went to eat Burek you actually have to buy it buy the gram as I am not used to this I found this rather interesting, but wait theres more… to compliment ze Burek one must indulge the mind into having it with a cup of yoghurt yes people my yoghurt came in a tea cup! oh my lord it was the cutest thing i had ever seen. So in love right now ufff…

*sings* “JELENA…JELENA…! SHES SO FINE!…JELENA JELENA…BLOW’S MY MIND!” only good times here thats all I can say.


Blaire’s Burger Binge

Ok Belgrade has the best burgers I have ever tried in my life ufff and if you don’t know what a “Duff” burger is then your all wasting your time because thats the only burger in the world that will really turn you on! I really cant explain it to the fine detail it really is something you have to try for yourself.

“Rakija connecting people”

Ufff… My first taste of Rakija was ever so memorable with my Cuzi Drazen a.k.a (prawny) we found a small rakija bar down a side street somewhere in the bowels of Belgrade, on a personal level I like to drink cognac and well when I was faced with the many types of Rakija I truly became a fan.

I think a had a couple of shots of Rakija a day while I was travelling around Serbia and well now being back in Australia life has not been the same without it. Yes it is safe to say Blaire became a professional Rakija drinker (muahahaha) hey it’s not my fault I have genuine appreciation for the finer tastes in life.

After trying many types of Rakija while I was in Serbia I did fall in love with one in particular by the name of Viljamovka it is made from pears and was bestowed upon me in a place call Kosovska Mitrovica, ufff the memories are all coming back now!

Blaire's Favourite Rakija

Seeing as Rakija is traditional in Serbia i could not help but introduce a bit of Australia to the locals with Australia’s very own Vegemite which can be found on most breakfast tables here in the land of kangaroos.

Ah yes Sharing is caring! Ziveli!

Blaqua in Belgrade

Ok so here I’ve just landed in Belgrade at the Nikola Tesla airport and if you can imagine coming from 30 degree weather to minus 3 (ufff) thank god for me the taxi driver was really nice and didn’t rip me off as it only cost me 950 dinars from the airport to my apartment which was right off the Kinez Mihailo. Wrapped in FCUK and DKNY I managed to find my Apartment so all was good.

Apart from the beautiful scenery outside the window eighty percent of the people on this plane were men dressed in black trench coats, like the guy from the movie “Willy Wonker and the chocolate factory” Slugworth? It was almost like business men from this part of the world had a specific type of uniform that said hey i’m so serious don’t bother looking at me if you can recognise my designer briefcase that should compliment my designer spectacles…(ufff) Trust me after thirty hours of flying all I wanted to do was laugh at all the serious faces that surrounded me.