Teary eyed Blaire Bear

Retail therapy
Therapy for the lost
Comfort in covet
A silent heart beats
Uncertainty forces pain
Creating a pale future
The present is current
Like the waves of Hokusai
The British pound was spent
Not in fear
But in sheer agony
Searching for the perfect image
To project
Turn the camera on
Pain in the visual pleasure
Correction cannot be made
To the earth
Gods once pure vessel must return
Not even natures good soil
Will accept the ashes of a powerful sinner
Swallow hard
The saliva of your creations
Inhale insecurities
Exhale fear
Appear fake
Exterior like rubber
Don’t blame your mother
An example she did make
Destiny awaits you
There is no finish line
There is just you!

Blaire Blaqua.

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