Fondle with my emotions
Tickle my fanny
Mocking my purpose
Is really uncanny
I fell in love
With your unusual aesthetic
A gargoyle in pursuit
Of a flightless bird
Perfection will be yours
I am happy being free
Sow your seed close to home
And let me be me
Patience is a virtue
Or so they say
Apology accepted
For I am not gay
Pain really exists
in the silence of my room
fighting back these tears
with yoghurt on a spoon
no need for sympathy
no need to find a solution
accept the outcome as it is
to end all confusion.

Blaire Blaqua.

Coffee with Tetka

Deep in conversation
I took my last sip
Velvet smooth coffee
smiling lips
From a teacup
She saw my life
A rabbit chasing a horse
Scattered paths of strife
Eyes want to see me
Future is not clear
A women climbs a ladder
with a backpack full of fear
many people you will meet
one of whom
you will find defeat
the flow surrounds you
you must surrender
if love is what you seek
you must be tender
three was her number
granted was my wish
all from a tea cup
and porcelain dish.

Blaire Blaqua.


Hidden are fears
Present are tears
Gods Rath
Upon his daughter
Painted on ear canals
A paper tiger
Floats on water
But does not fly
Brown eyes see the way
But do not accept
Their origin
Coconuts and palm trees
Await her return
Tattooed in transgression
Punishment is correction
Praying for the end
She will spend
Her young years
Praying for death
Slowly bit surely
Through the eyes of a child
The paper tiger took flight
One last prayer
Finally accepting

Blaire Blaqua.

Teary eyed Blaire Bear

Retail therapy
Therapy for the lost
Comfort in covet
A silent heart beats
Uncertainty forces pain
Creating a pale future
The present is current
Like the waves of Hokusai
The British pound was spent
Not in fear
But in sheer agony
Searching for the perfect image
To project
Turn the camera on
Pain in the visual pleasure
Correction cannot be made
To the earth
Gods once pure vessel must return
Not even natures good soil
Will accept the ashes of a powerful sinner
Swallow hard
The saliva of your creations
Inhale insecurities
Exhale fear
Appear fake
Exterior like rubber
Don’t blame your mother
An example she did make
Destiny awaits you
There is no finish line
There is just you!

Blaire Blaqua.

Why you lie to me PEACH?


A lie for a lie
Go to your girlfriend
My care is in my stare
That you cannot see
Nor will you ever see
I will live to tell the tale
Of the truth that will be far from stale
My eyes see your movements
Your mind map
Will never out smart
The electrical circuits that illuminate
My binoculars
For I am the strategist
with veins of german ancestors
precision is our game
fame will be your fortune
and the cookie I will eat
now sleep you contradicting bastard
in the arms of a fool
who resembles the anxiety of your stool
so passionate is the color red
that bulges from your eye
checkmate is my last word
good-bye pork pie.

Blaire Blaqua